Yes, You Can!

I was chatting with a new customer last weekend and she asked what I had planned for the week ahead and I said "I have to travel for work..." and she stopped me and asked "Wait - you work full time?!?" I laughed because at that moment I realized that not many people know that about me. I have been with the same company for almost 14 years (crazy, right!!) and travel about 50% of the time!


Her next question was "How do you manage work, Polly Ann, AND a growing family?!" I laughed again because I didn't really know how to answer her question. One thing I discovered after becoming a mom is that I somehow gained a superpower in the ability to get a lot of things done in what seems like the least amount of time. So I just do it. It being ALL THE THINGS. I learned to prioritize, batch work, delegate, and sometimes sleep a little less. In the midst of all of that I had some big wins and some valleys but ultimately I’m stronger and far more capable today than when I started the motherhood/entrepreneurship journey!

originally posted March 4, 2019