Occipital Media Has It Right!

I met this gorgeous lady at the 2018 Let’s Conference event in Atlanta. I had no idea that a random interaction at a photo booth would add so much value to my life in the months to come!

Photos by  XXIII Photo Studio

Miranda Marshall is the founder of Occipital Media, a Digital Marketing Agency founded on the genuine desire to assist local businesses in achieving growth. Not only does Miranda help businesses like mine grow organically, she believes in a strong sense of community, which is why we get along so well!

On Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, Miranda hosted a group of small, women-owned businesses to celebrate girl power, learn from each other, and share our learning and development strategies for 2019. I can sum that morning up in one word…INSPIRATIONAL! We left with new ideas and accountability partners, something we all need as we continue to grow ourselves and our businesses. Thank you, Miranda, for being exactly who you are to our community!

originally posted January 24, 2019