A Fresh Start!


What’s up, friends! Sumhr here after a forced 10-day sabbatical from Instagram. I was randomly locked out of my account and after what seemed like a century, I was finally able to log back in. I was confused and frustrated for the first few days but then I decided that everything regarding the lock out was out of my control and I only needed to focus on what was within my control…my content.

During my time away I worked in my shop of course, and batch produced content for my social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook). I also started this blog which has been a dream of mine for quite some time. The images I share on my platforms only give a snippet of the stories behind the amazing creatives, entrepreneurs, and events that I have the pleasure of designing signs for. This blog will give you the intimate details of my work, my customers’ stories and so much more.

I feel completely refreshed and I hope you join me on this ride…it’s going to be a fun one!

originally posted September 23, 2018