Prep For Your Brand Photos

Hurry up, Spring, we’re ready for you! In April, Polly Ann Collection will be hosting our very first Insider Day! On Insider Day, I will be inviting my small business customers to join me for a brand photo shoot with their custom logo signs. Our goal at PAC is to help elevate our customer’s brand awareness strategies and what better way to do that than with images of their logo/brand to use on their social platforms! In preparation for this magical day, I put together 5 prep tips that will help the day go smoothly. Check them out!


We have all seen glamorous brand photos and envisioned ourselves on a sunny day making magic in front of the camera just like those images, right?! Go to IG or Pinterest and find them again, save them to a special inspo board, and share them with your photographer. That will help him/her understand your vision for your aesthetic and deliver the best quality photos for your brand.


  1. While searching for brand inspo, also save images of clothes, hair and makeup that you’re interested in! It’s easy to get carried away in the fashion section (shopaholic over here!!) so remember to look for something versatile, yet on brand. If you’re a fitness brand, your followers probably don’t want to see 20 new photos of you in party dresses and stilettos. Although one or two never hurt!


    I’m a mom of two toddler boys (with boy #3 on the way!), I work full time AND have a booming side hustle. When people ask me how I manage it all, my answer is always “COFFEE!!” So naturally, one of my must-have shots in every shoot is me with a cup of joe. When I meet customers to deliver their orders we always meet at a coffee shop. Coffee is my jam and has become a part of brand. Be sure to share your must-have’s with your photographer so you don’t leave feeling like you didn’t accomplish what you set out to do.

    4. PREP

    The day before your shoot, set out your clothes, shoes, accessories and props. Make sure you have everything you need for the big day! You may even want to do a test run with your hair and makeup. Most importantly, relax and get a full night’s sleep. No bags under the eyes, friends!

    5. EXECUTE

    Own the day. Smile like nobody’s watching. Trust your photographer and enjoy the moment. YOU GOT THIS!

originally posted February 20, 2019