3 Valuable Lessons Learned in 2018


2018 was one word - AMAZING! Four months into the year I shifted my product strategy and WOW, it was the best decision I ever made. Polly Ann Collection reached crazy heights that I never imagined and I have all of you to thank for that!

Through all of the excitement and change, I learned tons of valuable lessons but there are three that I keep front of mind to ensure that in 2019, I will make the best decisions for me, my family and my business. 

#1 - Manage my Yes’s!

I have to remind myself that I am only one person and no matter how much I want to, I can’t do it all all of the time! 

#2 - Set the Schedule and Stick To It! 

Easy, right?! Wrong! It’s way too easy to get side-tracked and we all know how that turns out. I planned my 2019 production schedule with a bit more flexibility in it so I don’t get burned out and continue to enjoy this little passion of mine.

#3 - Support My Community  

Throughout my wood sign adventures I have been fortunate to meet some incredible female entrepreneurs in Atlanta! Their drive, compassion and support is unmatched and I can’t wait for more opportunities to support their growing businesses! 

That’s my short list! 2019 is going to be another incredible year and I hope you follow along with me here and on Instagram. Happy holidays to you and yours! 



originally posted December 21, 2018